holla atcha boy i'm ivy and i am stupid

i can be vulgar sometimes (it's actually just me trying to be funny) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

i track amoroushug hmu

half my cc isn’t showing up


how am i gonna spend the last week of my holidays??? by reinstalling sims and getting all worked up over it

heck ya

i think my game is broken again

splendid :)



Anonymous sent: Hi! Love your blog, but I have a technical question… if you have sims on one computer, but you buy a new one, can you transfer your files or must you start all over?

oh gosh sorry i didn’t see this!

well im not really good at this sort of technical stuff but you can put your saves and cc and all that good stuff on an external hard drive and just put it in your game again

at least that’s what i did when i switched computers  :)

wow scientology is really fucking creepy




Anonymous sent: What eyes do you use on your sims? They seem so nice! Thank you ♥

here you go

i love them so hard they’re literally my favourite default eyes in the world ever